Jan Pěček

My Name is Jan Pěček, and I am a Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer and I like my work. I'm mostly creating mobile applications, I've been also a web developer. During my career I used to work for such companies where I got a lot of skills. I prefer making nice, clean and readable code, testing it (using unit-test) and make a documentation. I like to create projects from scratch, build an architecture and design it. I've started working during university studies but I've finished them and got the Master's Degree. There, I's learning a lot of about electrical engineering, microelectronics, algorithms and, of course, software engineering. When I'm not working I'm practising one of my favourite sports. I'm interested in taking photos, travelling and piano playing. In the last time, I'm travelling a lot although my home city is still Prague.

  • Software Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Databases


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Professional skills

Programmingfocus of clean and self-documented code, coding standards, code documentation, design patterns
Java & KotlinFocused on Android, MVP, MVVM, Java EE basics, Spring Boot
PythonPython2 and Python3, Django framework, REST services, unit-testing
Other languagesPHP: Strictly OOP, MVC, unit-testing via PHPUnit, Symfony2, Doctrine2, Nette, dibi, Smarty
basics in Ruby, C#, C/C++, Bash, Perl, Delphi, asm-x51
CodingJavaScript (jQuery), (X)HTML, CSS (basics of HTML5 and CSS3), SEO basics, responsive basics
DatabasePostgreSQL (experienced in PL/PgSQL, replication, pgPool-II), MySQL, DB design, optimization
SW developmentDesign and analyze, building architecture, continues integration, agile project management (SCRUM), supervising programmers, planning and coordinating team-work
PC literateLinux (server administration included), GIT, SVN, OpenOffice, GIMP, MS Windows


  • Having finished technical high school I've got some skills of low-current electronic, measurement, automation, controlling, mathematics and Czech.
  • Having finished bachelor studies at CTU I've got some knowledge of networking, OS administration, data security, algorithms, university mathematics and mainly the software engineering.
  • Having finished the master studies at CTU I know a lot of about software and computer engineering - it means theory of algorithms, combinatorics, language structures, microprocessors (programming microcontrollers ARM, using interfaces and buses), microelectronics and parallelization.
  • I've a car driving licence.

Language skills

Czechnative speaker
EnglishB2 (upper-intermediate)


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- now


software engineer (mainly Java), mobile applications for Android (primary), system architecture, API design, mobile banking solutions collaboration in agile teams, working abroad, on-site


MAFRA, a.s. - MAFRA IT - Applications division (member of Agrofert)

senior web developer (mainly PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL), partially a team-leader and SW architect - front-end catalogs, back-end administration, database administration and server architecture


Jyxo, s.r.o.

junior web developer (PHP and PostgreSQL), small projects, project for managing user database and application ACLs


Cleevio, s.r.o.

eternal co-worker of web applications in PHP and MySQL, HTML and CSS coding, webs with special themas


Conel, s.r.o.

external co-worker, web developer in PHP and MySQL, basically the desktop application in Delphi was created


SEO Expert, s.r.o.

external co-worker, PHP and MySQL programmer - changes and new modules for e-shops


Recent Projects

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- now

Android Mobile apps

Participate on creating, maintaining, developing and improving various of mobile applications for Android in banking or telecommunication branch. Design system and application architectures. Using company's framework to create layouts and events as observers.


Python Server Backend - for Android app prototype

Python3/Django, PostgreSQL, REST, unit-tests (CC 99 %)
Server backend for Android prototype application (with watches - Android Wear), REST services, web interface using Django Admin. Used Django REST framework, sending push notifications by GCM, API design at Apiary.


Middleware Gateway

PHP/Symfony2, REST, SOAP, PHPUnit (CC 70 %)
Gateway implementation, consuming SOAP services, producing REST for mobile applications. Caching, own expression language for cache validity, proxy, orchestration.


New Admin

PHP/Nette, PostgreSQL/PHP/Doctrine, MongoDB, AJAX
Back-end administration application for firm and product database published at TOPkontakt.cz, banners and other sites. Using Doctrine2 for ORM and ODM. A big OOP model, advanced form checking, using components for building page. Extended ACL, prepared RPC/Rest services.


TOPkontakt.cz - web catalog

PHP/Nette, MySQL/dibi, Memcache, HTML 5
Build from scratch a complete web application - catalog of companies and products powered by Nette framework, dibi, OOP, auto-caching model with Memcache, already died, new version is on the website


Firmy na regionech iDNES.cz - region based firm catalog at iDNES.cz

PHP/Nette, MySQL/dibi, Memcache
build a web application with Nette and dibi, create own object-oriented model with auto-caching system; new version is on the website


Smart-Con R-SeeNet Admin - admin website for R-SeeNet SW registration

PHP/Nette, MySQL
build a web application for clients registration and activation of R-SeeNet SW by Smart-Con (former Conel), own secured protocol, online and offline product activation


Person - API for access to user database

PHP/OOP, PostgreSQL, XML-RPC, JavaScript
RPC interface for application access to user database (XML-RPC, own JSON-RPC), checking ACLs of applications, auto cross-domain login, using at TV Nova projects


R+CZ - Band website

PHP/simple-OOP, MySQL
make a website with CMS features, HTML coding, languages content management, internal section (details about concerts), died now


Poraď.cz - help forum

PHP/Zend1, Smarty, MySQL, AJAX features
make a web help forum for solving problems, consulting with specialists and priests; extended ACL, focus on security, site administration, XML data loading using AJAX, nowadays a lot of changes of my version


Conel ToDo List - issue tracking

PHP/simple-OOP, MySQL, Smarty, jQuery
make a web application for issue tracking in company, products, ACL (roles), client-side validation, language suppoer, died


Ing. Marek Zeman - person site

PHP/simple-OOP, MySQL
developing CMS system for consultant (in focus of job secure rules), content administration with FCKeditor, coding


Vánoce a dárky - a Christmas presents portal in 2008

create a web site for counting number of clicks to links, filtering by IP and Cookies, coding, already died


ZdeničkyTřída - high school class website

high school class website with CMS features, private section for class members (files, discussion, content management), focus on security, ACL, generating XML content and transforming to HTML (already died)


ALEF ZERO - Band website

PHP/simple-OOP, MySQL
make a CMS system for a band with content administration, multi-languages, coding, nowadays not a my system


Parfémy Elnino

PHP, MySQL, Smarty
programming modules for e-shop system XCART (in 2007) - sending SMS, newsletters, SEO optimization and various other fixes, nowadays a different system


RtsAlarm - Checking Retos system with alarms

create a client and service application for RETOS_NT system, checking values and alarms firing, Windows service and GUI application, ACL for set up


ZŠ Dašice - elementary school website

create a CMS for elementary/middle school website with content administration, ACL, focused on news (articles and galleries). died (another system)


Připojení! - dial-up connection monitoring

a desktop application for monitoring price of dial-up internet connection, statistics, a thousands of download at SW server Slunecnice.cz



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SPŠE Pardubice

studies on high school in low-currency electrical technologies and computer and automation technologies finished on 29th May 2008 by Maturita exam



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Contact details

Home Prague
Address Na Hroudě 1955/51, 10000 Praha 10

Personal details

Marital status not married
Birth date


  • taking photos,
  • travelling,
  • sports: swimming, bicycling, skiing (down-hill, cross-country and ski-touring), hiking, climbing,
  • guitar and piano playing (both on the basic level, has no enough time for that),
  • theater visiting,
  • music listening (any gender, soundtracks preferred), Jara Cimrman theater,
  • dancing (a short time in a dance studio),
  • meeting with friends